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Caring for your cashmere robes, wraps, ponchos and scarves

Guide to cashmere care

When you invest in cashmere, you invest in a piece that will last you a lifetime but it’s important to care for your cashmere.

Our cashmere robes, wraps, ponchos and scarves are made from the finest quality Mongolian cashmere but even they need love.

Here is my simple guide to making sure that your cashmere really does last a lifetime.

How to wash your cashmere

You can have your cashmere professionally dry cleaned, but I tend to use the hand wash cycle on my washing machine. If you don’t have a hand wash or a ‘gentle’ cycle, then pop your cashmere garment inside a pillowcase and wash on a cold wash.

You can of course wash your cashmere by hand but be mindful not to wring or rub the garment.

Make sure the water is lukewarm (30 degrees), turn the knitwear inside out (you can pop in a laundry bag too, if you prefer), squeeze the excess water gently.

How to dry your cashmere

Cashmere needs to dry naturally. We suggest laying out the item on a towel, gently rolling up and pressing lightly to remove any excess liquid.

Unroll and then dry your cashmere garment flat. You can of course re-shape but ensure that it is kept away from sunlight and radiators. Never tumble dry.

How to care for your cashmere

Besides regular washing, which helps to prevent ‘bobbling’, you can use a fabric comb to gently remove any pilling. Our comb was featured in The Times and you can buy it here for £4.95.

Friction can cause tiny balls of fluff to appear on new garments. This has nothing to do with the quality of the cashmere.

When it comes to storing your cashmere, we all know how much moths love cashmere and in particular any garments which have moisture in the fibres, so make sure your cashmere is totally dry when it is in your wardrobe or drawers. We suggested storing in one of our cashmere storage bags.

Cedar Wood Balls are a must for all cashmere lovers as they are very efficient at repelling moths, mildew and mustiness. Cashmere care is very important to us and we have a collection of cashmere care products for you to choose from.

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