All my 100% cashmere products are made in Mongolia, known worldwide as the ‘Land of the Blue Sky’.

The Mongolian goat (Capra Hircus) has adapted to live in the central Asian harsh winters – reaching temperatures up to 40 degrees centigrade – with its down hair coat to keep it warm.  Most of the down hair coat consists of long, fine, soft and shiny cashmere fibres producing the best quality cashmere.

I have been working closely with my manufacturer for several years and their quality, attention to detail and work ethics are applaudable.  They support the herding communities achieve greater financial security, healthier herds and cashmere of unsurpassed quality.

Cashmere is a luxurious fibre made from the most delicate wool and with wear and care the softer it becomes.

To maintain your garments the recommended care to keep your knitwear in the best condition is professional dry cleaning or gentle hand wash in lukewarm water (30 degrees). Turn the knitwear inside out – squeezing the excess water gently, do not rub or wring the garment. Re-shape and dry flat.

All your cashmere knitwear should be washed and stored inside out – Always read the care label.