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Happy New Year!

by | Jan 6, 2022 | News

Beat The January Blues

With the sun in short supply at the moment it’s hard to not to be affected by the lack of it’s warming glow.

January is often a funny time and with many plans having been scuppered over the festive period, it has been especially tough for a lot of people.

Whilst I am unable to make the sun miraculously appear in the sky, here are a few of my tips to help get some calm and beat the blues.

Yoga; as you might know by now, I am a big advocate. Deep breaths are like little love notes to your body.

Meditation; a guided meditation even for as little as 10 minutes can really help you to slow down and refocus.

Exercise; whether hitting the gym or a gentle walk, they are both wonderful ways of getting those endorphins pumping.

Get into Nature; I love to get into nature either with Lucca (my gorgeous dog) or simply to walk along the river in Marlow. Take in the trees and birds; you may be surprised what you see.

Read; the therapeutic powers of devouring and being enveloped by a book are untold. A book can take you away from the everyday and on a mini-holiday.

Eat; comfort food doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. There’s nothing better than a piping hot bowl of homemade soup and a toasted slice of sourdough.

Relax; taking time to relax is so important. We race around and forget that we sometimes need to just do nothing.

Wear them; you know those items of clothing that you love and save for ‘best’? Wear them.

Love and light

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My venture into cashmere began as an idea around the kitchen table chatting to my husband – I wanted to create a small business which gave customers a personal service, quality and luxury products.

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