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by | May 27, 2016 | Lifestyle, News

I thought I’d share with you some extracts from an interview with Helena Christensen in The Telegraph ~ I love her take on ageing such a fabulous attitude.

“Why do men never get asked about ageing?”

“If women weren’t reading about the constant pressure of ageing ~ it might not be in their heads. And I don’t want any woman to feel that there are any limits imposed by age.”

“It’s all about keeping healthy and staying true to yourself and your style. I mean you could be a very unfit 20 year-old and look really dumb in a mini dress, or you could be a super sexy 60 year-old and look great in one. Anyone can wear whatever they want to.” 

She describes her professional life now as 40, all kinds of strange, interesting, weird stuff. She has just designed an exclusive collection of shirts for travel company Thomson http://Thomson.co.uk/sensatori- style

“When I go away I’m so low key that I only bring hand luggage, because the whole airport thing is so frustrating ~ so we really wanted to design a shirt with a very casual, loose and deconstructed fit that could double up as a mini dress with a belt and take you from day into night. Because sometimes I’ll get some place and realise I’ve brought too little.”


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