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How to wear your cashmere robe

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Blog, Fashion, News

Our cashmere robes are incredibly versatile and add instant style to any outfit.

Yazemeenah Rossi, photographer and model, shows us how to create effortless impact with a cashmere robe, whether you are going out or staying in.

Made from 100% cashmere, our robes are available in four stunning colours and make you feel chic from the moment the fabric touches your skin.

Find your style with our collection of cashmere robes.

The ‘casual’ cashmere robe

Wearing a cashmere robe as a duster cardigan over casual trousers adds a simple elegance to an everyday outfit.

Yazemeenah Rossi pairs hers with a simple top, oversized sunglasses and a statement necklace, for the ultimate impact.

Everyday casual suddenly got glam!

The ‘loungewear’ cashmere robe

We know that at the moment there are few places to go to, let alone dress up for but that doesn’t mean that you can’t ditch the pyjamas and wrap yourself in luxury loungewear with our cashmere robe.

Lockdown just got a lot more stylish.

The ‘long cardigan’ cashmere robe

Before we know it Spring will be here and we will be dining out once again. We’ve all got a dress that we are desperate to wear again, but with English weather being the way it is, it’s best to be prepared. Plus we have all spent so much time indoors, we are going to want to make the most of being outside for as long as possible!

Our cashmere robes are perfect over evening and summer dresses. They take you effortlessly through Spring to Autumn, helping you to get the most out of all of those items in your wardrobe that you have been so looking forward to wearing.

When the sun starts to go down, grab a glass of something with bubbles and wrap yourself in a cashmere robe.

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