A lifelong fashion lover Laura, believes that your wardrobe choices speak volumes about who you are and what you stand for.

“I believe that sustainable luxury is achievable and is the most exciting development in today’s fashion world – my personal style philosophy is that impeccable style can be both sustainable and affordable, and does not have to come at the cost of human & environmental ethics.

My commitment to advocate for sustainable fashion comes from both an insatiable love of style and a need to do good for the planet. I believe that together we can change the face of fashion and the world for good, while still enjoying a luxurious and stylish life.”

2018 brought a whirlwind of change including a relocation to Arizona. As I get settled and re-establish myself professionally, I’m looking forward to developing a strong professional network and collaborating with other women business owners here. I’m also planning to devote more time to on-camera and in-person speaking, and projects that challenge my creative edge, promote a more sustainable world and empower others to live an inspired life.

There is nothing I use more, whether it’s everyday errands, a night out, travel- than this black wrap. It goes with everything. It does it all. Absolute wardrobe essential.
When I want to brighten up my look with a fresh clean piece, I reach for my ivory wrap. It gives a touch of summer to a cool day or night.
The ultimate ‘chic look, essentially a winter piece – but, I love to wear it when running and walking my dogs – I have them in all colours!

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