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by | Mar 4, 2016 | Blog, Lifestyle

Reading my favourite fashion magazine this month Porter Spring Issue I loved what they had to say about a woman…

“There is a woman.  She has seen life’s ups and downs and come through them all the wiser. She knows her mind and is living life on her own terms.  She is the woman we aspire to be: successful, uncompromising and never more relevant than now.  There is an ease to her that is alluring – both the way she dresses and how she expresses herself.  She embodies a world of new possibilities, where women are doing it for themselves and nothing is out of reach.”

For me, nobody embodies this more than the gorgeous Ines de la Fressange; she inspires me!



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Catherine Robinson Cashmere


My venture into cashmere began as an idea around the kitchen table chatting to my husband – I wanted to create a small business which gave customers a personal service, quality and luxury products.

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