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Pia Gronning


“What I love the most about working as a Classic Model is that now I don’t have to be ‘perfect’ anymore – it’s so lovely to still be receiving such wonderful compliments.”

“After taking a much needed break from modelling and having a very successful design business in LA, I decided to go back to modelling at the age of 52 – I started seeing women my age back in catalogues and magazines, and thought, why not!”

“At 68 I am still ‘going strong’; obviously, not working as much as I used to but enough. I fly to Europe a lot for work and also all over the US. I have had the most marvellous career and I am so grateful I have had this opportunity to come back.”

“I love being an inspiration for women and men of my age, too – I want to continue ageing as gracefully as I can; and, every wrinkle I have and the new ones that keep coming is for me, a sign that I have lived.”

Pia Gronning

I love any shade of grey, light,dark and anything in between. This poncho is the slightly smaller one and it is perfect to throw over your clothes any time of the year you feel a chill in the air – inside or outside; going to the gym or shopping – perfect!

Pia Gronning

I absolutely adore this shade of blue, beautiful cornflower; it reminds me of Spring – the ocean and happy memories. And, of course, it does match my eyes!

Pia Gronning

This Poncho from Catherine’s 060 Collection is so chic; I love the softness of the oatmeal colour. It is fantastic for travelling, or a gathering in the garden with friends drinking champagne; perfect. The colour goes with so many other neutral colours – white, off white, beige, brown and even khaki – I love it!


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