Exclusive Design: Aquamarine Mala Necklace


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NEW : I am so happy to bring you this exclusive design made especially for Catherine Robinson Cashmere by the exceptionally talented – Jacqueline Medalye, from beautiful Salt Spring Island in Canada.

“It is always a pleasure to design with you, and the influence of elegance and quality in your line is a true inspiration for creating the luxurious malas in your collection. I feel this design is beautiful, light, perfect for Spring and Summer, and inspired by the fine work found in antique Tibetan jewellery.  It is the highest quality mala I’ve ever made.”
– Jacqueline 

The delicate silver work on the lotus prayer box which opens and closes makes this such a special piece; I adore it.

In Tibet people place prayers or pictures in them and wear them around their neck as a protective amulet.
I know you’re going to love this exquisite mala necklace as much as we do!
Gemstone Aquamarine has water as its core element, making it an ideal necklace for soothing and calming. I love to wear this necklace during my meditation practice, it helps me find a sense of inner peace.

108 A Grade Aquamarine Mala Beads with Magnesite & Silver Markers and a Silver Lotus Prayer Box
Silver Branded Tag.
Silk Embroidered Bag.
Mala Beads for Peace, Beauty, Grace and Centeredness.

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