Oversized Cashmere & Silk Wrap Sunset - Catherine Robinson Cashmere

Oversized Cashmere & Silk Wrap Sunset

Stunning Oversized Cashmere & Silk Wrap in Sunset


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We are delighted to bring you our new Oversized Cashmere & Silk Wrap Collection.

We have collaborated with a skilled Italian-Nepali weaving manufacturer to bring you these beautiful refined handloom woven wraps in stunning colours.

These luxurious, ultra soft and exquisite wraps are entirely handwoven on traditional wooden looms by skilled artisans using centuries old weaving techniques passed down through generations.

The perfect wrap for all year round!

Your cashmere wrap will be wrapped in tissue and presented in a box.

60% Cashmere / 40% Silk

Size: 200cm x 250cm

We take great pride in knowing where our cashmere comes from and that every ‘micron’ is responsibly farmed. That the herding communities achieve greater financial security and that, where we can, we offer recyclable packaging.

Responsibly Farmed Cashmere

When you invest in cashmere, you invest in a piece that will last you a lifetime but it’s important to care for your cashmere.

Our cashmere robes, wraps, ponchos and scarves are made from the finest quality Mongolian cashmere but even they need love.

Here is my simple guide to making sure that your cashmere really does last a lifetime.

Cashmere Care Guide

In stock (can be backordered)

Cashmere Wrap Care Instructions

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