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Cashmere and Sustainability

We take great pride in knowing where our cashmere comes from and that every ‘micron’ is responsibly farmed. That the herding communities achieve greater financial security and that, where we can, we offer recyclable packaging.

The Origins of Cashmere

You need to start at the beginning and so to understand, you need to know where cashmere comes from.

All of our cashmere products are made from the highest quality, Mongolian cashmere, known worldwide as the ‘Land of the Blue Sky’.

Nestled in the heart of Central Asia, Mongolia’s nature is incredibly diverse from the desert steppes in the south Gobi Desert to the mountains in the west and the pristine lakes in the north.

This vast uninhabited countryside is rich in nutrients creating an ideal place for weather-hardened nomads to raise their herds of goats. The Mongolian goat (Capra Hircus) has adapted to live in the central Asian harsh winters, with its down hair coat to keep it warm. Most of the down hair coat consists of long, fine, soft and shiny cashmere fibres producing the best quality cashmere.

Responsibly Farmed Cashmere

The secret ingredient to making the world’s finest cashmere? Happy goats!

Nomadic Mongolians carefully look after and nurture their herd of goats like their own family.

Over the centuries they found that when goats are free to roam in open land and graze on naturally grown grass, goats will produce consistent, high-quality coats found nowhere else in the world.

Our Mongolian manufacturer creates products with transparent and traceable procurement and manufacturing.

Their vertically integrated factory allows the manufacture from raw material to final product with no single process in the chain left unaccounted for.

My products and collections are made locally sourced, with high-quality raw materials and processed using advanced technologies combined with years of craftsmanship.

I have been working closely with my manufacturer for several years and their quality, attention to detail and work ethics are applaudable. They support the herding communities achieve greater financial security, healthier herds and cashmere of unsurpassed quality.

Quality Cashmere Certified “OEKO-TEX”

Cashmere’s quality is determined by its length and thinness, in other words, “microns”. Compared to the industry average of 19 microns, Mongolian cashmere is the longest and thinnest ranging from 13-14 microns. The climate in Mongolia, the habitat and the living conditions of the cashmere goats leads to the highest quality of cashmere.

The OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 is the world’s most important ecological label for textiles tested for harmful properties. Tested and certified by respected international textile institutes, all products certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 meet a global mark for responsible production, safety and transparency.

Recycled Packaging

Our signature box is just that but we wanted to offer a more sustainable option.

Whether you buy one of our cashmere wraps, scarves, snoods or ponchos you can decide whether you would like to receive your item in our signature or one made of recycled cardboard.

In addition, our recycled box packaging partner will plant a tree for every cardboard box.

Our signature boxes and packaging can of course also be recycled.

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