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Sue couldn’t resist taking a shot of our gorgeous Basil this morning; quietly watching us working in the studio on a very HOT morning!  It’s so true what they say, isn’t it – ‘some things just fill your heart without trying.’


Thank you, Sue – these shots melt my heart.


cashmere snood

Catherine Robinson Cashmere


My venture into cashmere began as an idea around the kitchen table chatting to my husband – I wanted to create a small business which gave customers a personal service, quality and luxury products.


  1. 1010ParkPlace

    They melt mine as well, Catherine! Basil is so precious! I’ve never had children so my family members are my dogs. When one goes to live with God, others seem to find me, and I welcome them with love and open arms. xoxo, Brenda

  2. Catherine Robinson

    He certainly is, Brenda.
    How lovely you are and I’m sure each and everyone of your spaniels has loved you as much; they are such an adorable and
    loving dog. Basil is our third cavalier; we’ve had 2 rubies and a black and tan, beautiful pups all three. xx


    I know I have told you I had a BUNNY named BASIL an 8 POUND BUNNY!WE adored him and he had the run of the house!Liked to open the CHRISTMAS Gifts TOO!Does he have a cashmere pillow to lean on?OR COAT for the cold days?

  4. Catherine Robinson

    You did indeed – that is one big bunny!
    Basil certainly has a little cashmere for the cold weather – he’s a very spoilt spaniel 🙂

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