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The FABULOUS Tamera Beardsley wears our oversized cashmere wraps with such style and grace, she says,

“I have realised what a versatile wardrobe staple they have become for me!  This is my third of Catherine’s fabulous oversized wraps – for me, they are a most wonderful dramatic piece as well as a truly functional piece!”

“Simply draped over a trench they become a dramatic accent point all the while being the perfect wardrobe travel companion! Think BIG panache and luxury cosy travel blanket all in one!”

“I just love how the OVERSIZED CASHMERE WRAP can take two separates and instantly turn them into a chic outfit with flairI saved up to buy my first wrap from CRC and seven years later it is still one of my very favourite investment pieces!  It has served me so well I now own three – my first one, the oatmeal wrap, shown here, looks as good as it did when I bought it 7 years ago!  And, that my friends is true quality and the definition of a timeless piece.”

“My favourite is always taking mine to the beach – the drama – the luxury – the functioning warmth, always fill my heart with gratitude of the moment. My CATHERINE ROBINSON OVERSIZED CASHMERE WRAP always elevates a beach walk to a gracious life moment.”


“I think Catherine infuses each cashmere piece she sends out with some of her Love and Grace – I can feel it each time I wear mine at the beach!”

And, from us here at CRC we thank you Tamera, for your sensational styling of our cashmere products – you make each and every one look exquisite, a beautiful, timeless classic piece to last and love for many years.
With Love & Gratitude,






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Catherine Robinson Cashmere


My venture into cashmere began as an idea around the kitchen table chatting to my husband – I wanted to create a small business which gave customers a personal service, quality and luxury products.

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