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The Classic Collection

Our Stunning Classic Cashmere Collection

Our Classic Cashmere Collection is home to the pieces that our customers come back to time and time again.

From the timeless cashmere wrap to our stunning cashmere robes, the classic collection never goes out of style.

The Classic Cashmere Wrap

The perfect all year round accessory.

Our customers love The Classic Cashmere Wrap.

The Classic Cashmere Wrap is made from the finest 2 ply 100% Mongolian cashmere.

Available in 18 colours, there is a shade or hue for you.

“Luxury of the highest quality. So pleased with my cashmere wrap. It’s the perfect accessory to wrap myself in after a performance! Beautifully presented too.”
Yasmine Naghdi, Royal Ballet Principal Dancer

A selection of our Classic Cashmere Wraps

  • Cashmere Classic Wrap – Classic Black

  • Cashmere Classic Wrap – Soft Tan

  • Cashmere Classic Wrap – Midnight Blue

  • Cashmere Classic Wrap – Light Grey

  • Emerald Classic Cashmere Wrap

    Cashmere Classic Wrap – Emerald


The Cashmere Robe

Our beautiful and versatile cashmere robes are an absolute favourite!

Wear as luxurious loungewear or as a stylish duster cardigan over casual trousers or evening dress.

Made from 100% Cashmere.

Our Cashmere Robes

  • Cashmere Robe – Black

  • Cashmere Robe – Grey Pearl

  • Cashmere Robe – Soft Ivory

  • Cashmere Robe – Blush


Oversized Cashmere Wraps

Our fantastic oversized cashmere wraps are exquisite.

Available in a range of colours to suit all occasions and individual styles.

The finest 2 ply 100% cashmere made in Mongolia.

A selection of Oversized Cashmere Wraps

  • Cashmere Oversized Wrap – Oatmeal

  • Cashmere Oversized Wrap – Black

  • Cashmere Oversized Wrap – Soft Tan

  • Cashmere Oversized Wrap – Charcoal Grey

  • Cashmere Oversized Wrap – Soft Cream


Cashmere & Silk Wraps

Browse a selection of our cashmere and silk wraps in regular and oversized.

Perfect for the Summer and to bring some colour into your wardrobe in the colder months.

Available in a range of fantastically bright colours.

Never a ‘dull’ moment in our cashmere and silk wraps.

A selection of Cashmere & Silk Wraps

  • Cashmere & Silk Wrap – Turquoise

  • Cashmere & Silk Wrap – Sunset

  • Cashmere & Silk Wrap – Santorini

  • Cashmere & Silk Wrap – Mulberry

  • Cashmere & Silk Wrap – Chartreuse


Lightweight Cashmere Wraps

Collaborating with a skilled Italian-Nepal weaving manufacturer we bring you these stunning, lightweight, 100% cashmere wraps.

Handwoven exclusively for us on traditional wooden looms by skilled artisans and available in several colours; Copper, Lime, Champagne, Silver, Gold and Marshmallow.

Ideal for Spring/Summer months and the perfect wrap for cooler evenings.

A selection of Lightweight Cashmere Wraps

  • Lightweight Cashmere Wrap – Marshmallow

  • Lightweight Cashmere Wrap – Platinum

  • Lightweight Cashmere Wrap – Bronze

  • Lightweight Cashmere Wrap Lime

    Lightweight Cashmere Wrap – Lime

  • Lightweight Cashmere Wrap – Gold


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