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Yazemeenah Rossi


“It’s not a question of hair, make-up or clothes. We have to realise that the beauty of it is that we are all different”

In a recent interview with thebodedit.com French-Born Model, Photographer and Muse, Yazemeenah Rossi says she refuses to follow the crowd or let age define her. Yazemeenah turned 62 in December and says – “people always ask how I look the way I do at my age – it’s a question of spirit. It’s not just a question of what I eat or what I put on my skin. It’s about how you think.

I’ve found that a lot of women are stuck in the boxes they put themselves in. I think when you’re set in these limits it puts so much stress on the body and cuts you off from being who you want to be. If you don’t follow what makes you happy, slowly it starts to die. I think this is one of the secrets to staying young, it’s very simple.”

Yazemeenah started modelling at 28 years old and photography has always been a great passion of hers since childhood – as an artist in all fields of her life, ceramist, clothes and interior designer she is a ‘team’ by herself; travelling alone, doing her own make up, styling, modelling, photography and editing!

Yazemeenah Rossi

The Spirit and Serenity of Yazemeenah illustrated so beautifully in this shot – Yazemeenah wears the Wine Poncho from the 060 Collection – the joy of cashmere!

Yazemeenah Rossi

Cashmere Style – Yazemeenah wears two of the Black Fine Cashmere Snoods, belted and the Oversized Cashmere Wrap/Mink – the luxury and simplicity of Cashmere!

Yazemeenah Rossi

Yazemeenah wears the Oversized Cashmere Wrap/Oatmeal with the Ribbed Cashmere Snood/Oatmeal; styled as a skirt and accessorised with the Magnesite Mala Bead Necklace – beyond fabulous!

Model images © Yazemeenah 2018

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